If you care about improving the welfare of Mexican citizens in the 32 States of Mexico, you're not alone. OLUARI is a platform that allows people in Mexico to become a member. They provide on-demand transport and lifestyle services to their members.


OLUARI got started with a mission to improve the lives of the workers in Mexico. People who join OLUARI notice direct benefits. These come from increased income and customers to their businesses. This app has a mandate to help impact the economy of Mexico when it comes to hard working business owners and workers.


 OLUARI was established in 2019, and already it is operational in 50 Mexican cities. The plan is to continue expansion and work to improve the services that the community already gets.


 While OLUARI is based in Mexico now, it plans to branch out to Brazil and other South American countries. They want to share the positive social effects that come through this technology.