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Oluari is an amazing app for entrepreneurs from all corners of the world and for us to effectively and smoothly move the countries’ economy forward, we have job openings for dedicated individuals. We are currently working on fixing urban transportation worldwide and we are proud to say that more than 25 thousand users have signed up and are already using our services. If you are hearing the world ‘Oluari’ for the very first time, it’s an app consisting of various on-demand services on a single platform and we have amazing roles for everyone.

So why should you sign up with Oluari?

Oluari is among the fastest developing start-ups in Mexico and we are proud to serve more than fifty north and south Mexican cities. We are making good use of the advanced technology to build the future of transport and multi-services in a single platform, to excellently connect our users with scooter sharing, motorcycles, baby sitter, cars services, and any other mode of transport you need to move around in your city. We are the ideal choice for anyone looking for convenient, fast and affordable transport from their homes to office and back. We have served more than one hundred thousand happy customers and we promise you that you’ll be happy and satisfied with our services.

In order to serve our users better, we are looking for recruits to join our team. If you are open-minded, you possess problem-solving skills and you can explore new initiatives, you are the one we are looking for. Our 51 years old founder taught us that motivation and intelligence outweigh experience. Therefore, if you are ambitious of growing into a world-class professional but you don’t have any experience, don’t be reluctant to check out our current job openings as we will help achieve your dreams as you help us serve our clients better.

We are looking forward to working with a team of go-getters and innovators who are willing to go above and beyond to prove themselves and shape the way people move from one place to another across the world. Besides, we are looking for down-to-earth and passionate individuals who can use their intelligence to get things done and find creative means to solve problems. Over the years, we have realized that our success and strength are directly connected to the skills and talents of our team members and that’s why we are looking for you to make a difference, not only in your life but also to the world.

If you think you are the right person to work with us, get in touch with us today and let’s progress together. We are located in Gomez Palacio, Durango, Mexico and you can also find us in our remote offices in more than twenty countries across North and South America.


Oluari Drivers- Why are They Superior?


Oluari is a special company that takes into consideration the needs of passengers. For example, the passengers know that they will be transported via the fastest routes possible to their destinations in the States and Mexico. This means that they save money. Additionally, the Oluari driver is kind and courteous. Oluari only hires drivers with the highest level of professionalism. This means that you definitely get what you pay for.

If you are in Mexico or the south border of the United States, it just makes sense to use Oluari. You want to use a company that is regulated and where you can feel safe. You also want to know that you are getting rates that actually make sense. Oluari drivers take pride in their rides. They put in all the maintenance to make sure their vehicle is ready for the road. That means that each vehicle gets individualized care and attention.

All Oluari drivers have valid driver's licenses. They are also insured. The drivers come from diverse backgrounds. This means that you are certainly getting from point a to b safely. This is not a guarantee that you might get with other taxis in Mexico especially. Unfortunately, there are too many unregulated, unlicensed taxis on the road.

If you are planning to visit Mexico, make sure you have the contact details for Oluari. You will get a higher caliber experience. The locals in Mexico also utilize Oluari. They know that this is the most trusted driving company in Mexico. You can also book VIP experiences as well. When it comes to getting a driver, you are in good hands with Oluari. They will even help you load and unload the car. This can be important if you are carrying luggage. You will get the best service with this company.