Oluari Privacy Policy


Oluari is a privacy policy that helps in the collection, storage, transfer, use, processing, disclosing, and protection of the information. The system is applicable for all Oluari application, and website users and service providers. However, it’s except users who use a separate cover. Our website is www.oluari.com services.

There is a need for users to understand how the system works. As a result, in this article, we discuss the privacy policy in details. Note that, for all capitalized terms, the meaning stands the same as dictated by the terms of use. Some characteristics of the procedure include;

• Personal information collected

• Uses of the personal information collected,

• Sharing of these data

• Retention of the information within the system.

• Guidelines on the access of the data,

• Location of the files, and ensures

• Security for the information

• It also helps with managing changes to the privacy policy,

• Deals with marketing and promotion of the system, and also

• Consent and acknowledgment,

• Anonymous data,

• Gives details about the third party platform,

• And how to contact us.

The collected Personal Information

The information we collect is useful in identifying, contacting, or locating the person to whom the data belongs. These details will include users name, birth dates, address, phone number, fax, email address, gender, ID number, credit card details, and bank account details.

These also carry within it other governmental information. The information isn’t however limited to these details as you can offer a personal profile, biometric data, a unique identify, among additional data. Any details that are a must to provide in this field are intimate details.

Note that, you can offer the information to us or we can acquire it from a third party. Good examples are when you register with our application. Also, the information we collect is useful in many ways and for different purposes.

Let’s see how

Information from directly from you or your phone

When registering or creating an account with Oluari, you provide us with personal details. These include your name, email address, physical address, Phone number, and also the password. It’s only after giving out these details that you can successfully open an account with us.

Also, in case you consider the application as a service provider, you’ll offer additional information. For example, you will provide your car details, insurance policy, as well as your bank account details. The aim is to ease the process of receiving the fees.

Failure to offer the details needed means that your account will not work as per your expectations. Take an example; if you’re an application user, you need to offer details of the services you need, as well as the preferred means of delivery. Also, if you’re a service provider, you need to provide details about the current services that users can place orders. After users successfully place an order, you need to offer additional information. Such ensures that it’s possible and straightforward to manage the ecosystem. These extend to payments made through the application.

For example, if you register as a certified account holder who offers electronic money transfer facility, you need to provide details such as full name, ID number, identity type, address, nationality among other information.

Personal data from using the app or visiting the site

In using the application as well as visiting their website, we have a chance to acquire other personal details. These include your IP address, history of your search on the website, as well as time spent on the site. Also, we can see the internet device identity and the media access control address. These details are acquirable by the use of cookies.

Cookies are application forms stored in a computer or mobile device and help in tracking the user’s interface with the site and experience. While most of the machines and mobiles allow the use of cookies, one can adjust the settings to reject them. One can also consider deleting the cookies, but this might reduce the functionality of the application.

Also, using the application, we can track your geo-location details. At times, we might request that you consider activating your GPS settings on your device. In doing so, you give us a chance to offer you better services. Just as the cookies, you can delete these settings, but this will affect the application functionality. Also, any electronic money transfer services will help us acquire some personal details. Such include withdrawal history.

Information from a third party

As said earlier, a third party can serve as a good source of personal details. Third parties include vendors, agents, contractors, suppliers, and partners. The information selected under such situations is the one that involves the partner as well.

Information concerning a third party obtained from you

The same case as the third parties offers details about you to us; we can also get their details from you. For example, details of your spouse, business partner, and friends. However, the information comes from engagements that they are members.

It’s good to note that we shall not collect any personal information from any in-vehicle installed recording devices. However, the service provider can decide to do so, but we recommend that notification gets made to the user.

How do we use the Personal Information collected

There are various ways through which the personal information collected is of importance to us, as discussed below. Note that, some of the users are the law applicable.

Identifying you: We use the information to identify users. Also, it helps to manage, verify, or deactivate your account. In managing, it helps us to;

• Complete verification of your account in the process of Know Your Customer,

• Also, support service providers in ensuring that they deliver the services that you require,

• Enables processing of orders, and completion of payments,

• Facilitates better communication between the service provider and users,

• Enables the handling, and response of inquiries and feedback as received from the users.

• It also helps in monitoring users’ behaviors and activities within the account

• Makes it possible to process your rewards in providing services from partners and affiliates.

Personal Information for service providers

As a service provider, the acquired information might be useful in that it helps in;

Identifying and registering one as a service provider. It also helps in managing your account such that; it enables us to:

• Complete detail verification before you can get logged.

• Help you offer better services to the users,

• Complete any pending transactions with your customers for the services provided,

• Give you up to date report on the services you offer,

• Develop better or maintain the application by your needs,

• Also, it helps us to monitor your response to users behaviors and activities

• Also, to manage and prepare your reward points,

• We are also able to send you to the target market communication lines for surveys, advertisements, and access to particular information.

There are other purposes to which we might consider using personal information. These include;

• Undertaking associated business procedures and functions,

• Monitor the use of the app, improve, and support the performance, growth, and efficiency of the application.

• Offer assistance related to any technical challenges.

• Generate statistical data as well as the analysis process for testing the research findings.

• Also, useful in detecting, protecting, and investigating any illegal acts,

• it facilitates to any transactions between application users and service providers.

• Importantly, it helps us to comply with our obligations to users.

Sharing of these Data

At most of the time, it’s possible that we will share the information we acquire from you with our affiliates. However, it’s for the following functions applicable by law;

• For application users, it helps to enable service providers to deliver your orders as per your specification. For the service providers, it helps the users to place orders.

• Also, it might be a demand by the law to do so.

• For any legal proceedings between users and us, or with other parties, we find it necessary to share your details.

• Also, it’s useful in the Know Your Customer procedures for the verification purposes by the service provider

• Also, in case of an emergency regarding your safety or health, it’s possible to share your personal information with other parties.

• We can also share your details if we merge with another company or sell our company, or you sell your company as a service provider.

• It’s also possible to offer your details to a third party to enable them to introduce new services or products to you.

• With affiliates, the information helps us to provide the application services to you in an improved manner.

Note: At no circumstance shall we sell your personal information to other companies or lease it to others.

Retaining Personal Information

As long as we need your personal information to help us deliver the services we get obligated to, we shall keep your personal information. Once we prove that the reasons why we should have your details aren’t viable, we shall delete it from our system. Also, it’s possible that some of the information that you offer might get retained by other parties.

In particular, for information passed via other means other than the Oluari application. Therefore, for any information that you deliver through such methods, it’s on your accountability. For any losses that result from such retained information, you cannot hold us accountable.

Accessing and correcting the data

Note that, under applicable laws, we might deny you the rights to access or correct the information you offer. For example information that may have in it some references to particular users. Also, in case the reasons for the request are susceptible, we might decline the offer.

Where do we store this data?

Under this privacy policy, we use reasonable endeavors to ensure the third party engaged in the storage of the information meets the standards. Also, it might get stored outside your nation boundaries by personals who offer services to us. What we do in all circumstances, is to ensure that the service provider installs levels of protection, which fits your country requirements.

Security of the information

We work to ensure the continued maintenance of your personal information. We keep the information out of access, use, disclosure, and collection by any unauthorized people. However, as a result of factors that are beyond our control, there are some risks that we cannot control. In particular, information shared with a third party website. Note that, you’re responsible for keeping safe your account details and not to share with other people. Therefore, the security of your personal information starts with you.

Changes in this Privacy Policy

Depending on our tastes, we might make some changes to the privacy policy. That is, to ensure that we’re in line with our future development plans. Therefore, it’s proper always to check out regularly to see if there are any changes. Note that, your acceptance includes any changes to the privacy policy as well as its amendments.

Acknowledgment and Consent

When you accept the policy, you’re acknowledging that you understand all its details and the terms included. Importantly, you consent to Oluari that we can collect, use, and share, disclose, store, transfer, or process your personal information based on the policy rules. Such consent includes details of information concerning a third party obtained from you.

Note that, you can remove your consent on personal information in full or parts. That is, you can “Opt Out” or “Unsubscribe” from our services. However, after the withdrawal, it might be impossible to use the application again. That, it can result in termination of your account

Marketing and Promotion Material

We shall use various communication means to send you direct advertising, marketing, and promotional materials. We can do this using email, SMS, telephone calls, among other means. However, you have to subscribe to our mailing list.

Anonymous Data

There is information that we cannot use for identifying users. When we combine this information with the personal data provided, it forms a broader data set, which is useless. Such is what we call anonymous data.

Third Party Platforms

The application or the website might have links to third party websites. As a company, we don’t accept to take responsibility for such responsibilities about your personal information. That is so as we don’t control the third parties. It’s advisable that you check terms and conditions for these websites to learn more on how they will collect or use your data.

How to contact us

For users who have any inquiries about this privacy policy, he or she should contact group-dpo@oluari.com. Such includes making changes to your personal information.