Terms and Conditions


Terms of Use for Oluari Users


Information About the Terms of Use


Be sure to read the terms of use very carefully. This is an agreement that is electronics. You need to confirm that you have read, accepted, and understood the Terms of Use and will follow the regulations stated in them. If you do not agree to these terms you may not access any part of this system. The Terms of Use is an agreement that is legally binding. It is between you and the Oluari and RFC foundations. You will need to follow the Oluari Driver Services agreement as well.


Information About Oluari


This is a technology service. It includes drivers, vehicle operators, and service providers. This company does not provide transportation or any form of delivery services and will do not so. Any transportation services will be provided by a third party contractor. They are not under the terms of employment at Oluari.


Important Definitions


3.1 Meaning of the Terms of Use


When you register for an account you will have access as use to:


Affiliate means that any entity has control or is under the control of at least 50 percent of the rights to ownership and the policies unless otherwise stated.


Applicable Law means all ordinances, codes, regulations, or licensing requirements by courts, the government, and any authoritative body from the time a user signs up.


Driver application is anything electronic supplied by Oluari and the other services for the users.


Oluari Credits are the credits you have as a user.


Group Companies means those that are affiliated with Oluari.


Local Terms are the terms for specific countries, states, and regions in which your life and will use this service.


A mobile device is a tablet, smartphone, or other devices that you control that can run apps.


Policies are the guidelines or terms users need to follow. They are updated from time to time.


Specific Terms are the terms that are used as part of the agreement. They may be updated from time to time.


The system is the system that you are accessing from Oluari including any applications, software, websites, and other platforms.


Terms of Use are the terms all users need to agree with upon using this system.


The territory is the area in which you will use the transportation services.


Transportation Provider is the third party service that you are contacting on this system.


Transportation Services is the transportation in which you find using this system. This can include shipping services and delivery services. This is updated from time to time.


User is a registered user of this app.


User Application is any electronic application provided by the Oluari group for the users.


User fees are found in clause 8.2


The vehicle is the vehicle provided by the Transportation provider for transportation services.


The website is the site operated by the Oluari Group.






3.2 In the Terms of user a reference does not include an email unless otherwise specified. It will begin with some form of the word include, for example, or in particular. The Terms of Use is written in the English language. It may be translated into other languages but the terms will still be the same. If there are inconsistencies the Local Terms, Specific Terms, and Terms of Use will be reviewed.


User Responsibilities


There are some commitments you have to Oluari.


4.1 You need to confirm that


4.1.1 You will follow the Terms of User and follow your obligations under these terms.


4.1.2 You will follow all laws and policies including the policies of Oluari.


4.1.3 You are legally bound by the Terms of Use.


4.1.4 You will use the system for purposes that are lawful and only the intended purposes.


4.1.5 You will ensure all documents and information that you provide to Oluari are truthful.


4.1.6 You should only access the information that you are authorized to use.


4.1.7 You will not engage in deceptive or fraudulent behaviors


4.1.8 You will not compromise the system that you are using.




Interaction with Transportation Providers and Other Users


4.2 Any services you use as far as transportation is between you and the transportation provider. It does not involve the Oluari group. Oluari is not liable for the actions of these third-party services. You have the responsibility for any obligations to this third party service provider.


4.3 You agree that:


4.3.1 to be respectful to the transportation providers and to not engage in any unlawful activity.


4.3.2 you will not cause any damage to this third party


4.3.3 You will only use this service for the intended purpose.


4.4.3 The transportation provider has the right to accept or reject your request. They may refuse your request or they may terminate the relationship if you violate the law and Terms of Use.


4.5 Oluari does not endorse any specific third-party provider and will not contact or provide any services by this provider.






4.6 While the transportation service is the responsibility of the third party service you can contact Oluari with any complaints that you may have. You can do this on the user app. Your complaints may be directed to the third party service. They may choose to handle your complaint. Olauri will follow the rights under the Applicable Laws.


4.7If Olauri gets a complaint from any provider about you, you may have a handling process. You will need to agree with this process.




Your User Account


5.1 You must be a registered user of this service.


5.2 You must be responsible for your account. Your responsibilities include:


5.2.1 You may have only one user account


5.2.2 You information must be secure on your end


5.2.3 You will not allow another person to have access to your account.


5.2.4 You must contact Oluari if you feel there has been unauthorized use on your account


5.2.5 You may not collaborate with Transportation provide in any sort of scheme


5.3 Oluari reserves the right to deny or block your account


5.3.1 Your account may be blocked if you violate any terms or conditions


5.3.2 you may be blocked during an investigation


5.3.3. if you owe money your account is blocked


5.3.4 if you violate the Terms of Use your account may be violated


5.3.5 all of this is at the discretion of Oluari




Your System


Your rights


6.1 You agree to be compliant to the Terms of Use and you must respect the terms of use from the transportation providers.


6.2 Nothing in the Terms of Use grants you any ownership to this system.




Conduct that is Prohibited


6.3 When using this system you cannot:


6.3.1 sell, transfer, or assign others any materials on this app


6.3.2 modify any software on this system


6.3.3 You cannot copy anything on this system or do anything to hinder the performance of this network


6.3.4 use this application for data mining


6.3.5 do not violate any copyrights or trademarks or property of this system


6.3.6 use this material for any purpose that is unlawful


6.3.7 send any spam or cause any annoyance with fake bookings


6.3.8 send any obscene or treating material to the provider


6.3.9 send any virus or harmful electronic material to the provider


6.3.10 cause any interference to the operation of the system.


6.3.11 impersonate anyone associated with the company


6.3.12 misrepresent your location on purpose


6.3.13 damage the reputation of this company in any way




Restrictions on Services


6.4 Transportation Service Cannot be Used to:


6.4.1 commit any type of crime


6.4.2 harm anyone or violate their rights


6.5 if you are allowing the purchase to be made on your behalf you are giving control to the service provider


6.6 You will use the service in a safe manner. You will be responsible for your safety and use precautions in order to stay safe.




Your Mobile Device


7.1 This system is used with your mobile device. You need to make sure your software downloads correctly and that you update your system when the latest version becomes available.


7.2 If your mobile device is broken or stolen you need to notify Oluari and follow their process


7.3 You need to have internet access and a data plan. You are responsible for all fees including texts and data fees from your internet provider. You will need to pay for your data usage based on the terms of your mobile provider.




Financial Terms


The User Application


8.1 the user application is a royalty-free program


User Fees


8.2 The Transportation provider may charge you fees that include


8.2.1 fee for each service


8.2.2fees or tolls, parking, and entrance changes.


8.2.3 any cancellation charges


8.2.4 any taxes as stated by law




User Fees. The fee for uses, cancellation or taxes will be calculated on the app and will be entered by the driver without markups. You will make any payments using the app. You have the right to agree to a fee provided by the Transportation provider and this will be charged after the Olauri percentage of the service fee.


8.3 Fees will be based on your location and fees you will calculate before you accept this service. You will be aware of the fees and will be responsible for them once you accept them on your account.


8.4 Oluari updates the fees and you need to be aware of these updates.


8.5 If you cancel the services you need to pay the cancellation fees.


8.6 You must provide a relevant location. If you do not do so you will be charged the cancellation fee.


8.7 Fees may be adjusted or canceled if Oluari has found an error on their part. You still need to comply with the Terms of Use.






8.8 You may be offered a promotion and it is your choice if you want to participate in this promotion. You may review the criteria and all of the terms. If you do not do so you may not receive the promotion. You will not abuse the promotion or sell it to others. Promotions cannot be exchanged for cash and may expire on a specific date.






8.9 You need to pay the user fees on this app. Payments accepted include cash, credit card, debit cards, or credits issued by Oluari.


8.10 When a payment is made permission is granted to Oluari to process this payment. They will then pay the service provider on your behalf.


8.11. All payments must be made in the local currency.


8.12 If you have Oluari credits be sure you follow the specific terms and conditions for use. Please check this. Oluari may reject these credits. They cannot be redeemed for cash and are non-refundable. They are not able to be resold or exchanged.






8.13 The payment is subject to taxes, duties, and other charges that are related to taxes.


8.14 You are required to verify that you have paid taxes to Oluari








9.1 All liabilities and losses are not connected to Oluari or their affiliates


9.1.1 They are not responsible if you breach the terms of services


9.1.2 Your use of this system and services include:


You cannot claim that you are acting on behalf of this company.


Any third party transportation services


This includes anything you purchase relating to the Transportation services.




The System Provides


9.2 Everything is as is or as available. All warranties and expressions can be found in the Terms of Use including any warranties when reasonable care and skills are taken.


9.3 When there is limitation by clause the oluari does not guarantee that the service or the hardware will be free from error. They will do their best to make sure the information is accurate and reliable.


9.4 Oluari will is not responsible for the provision of the Transpiration Service.


9.5 The systems may be delayed or it may run slower based on the internet access that you have on your phone. They are not responsible for any connection issues and if the internet is out of range or is not functioning. They are not responsible for any issues related to internet service.


9.6 Timelines for service are provided in writing. Specific time limits may not be met.


Limitations of Liability


9.7 There is nothing in the Terms of Use that exclude the liability for each party for the death or personal injury caused by the fraud or negligence and is not limited under the law.


9.8 Oluari is not liable for


9.8.1 punitive damages


9.8.2 loss of data or goodwill


9.8.3 personal injury or damage to property


Arising from the system or the transportation service


9.9 Under the law and in the terms and services no event should increase the liability of Oluri and the event that may be under the terms of use.


9.10 Unless noted in the Terms you need to notify Oluari of any claims within one year or you will forfeit the claim.


Terms and Termination


10.1 The Terms of User will continue with the termination to follow the terms.


10.2 The Terms of Use may be ended by Oluari or may be suspended.


10.2.1 if you breach the rights your account may be terminated without prior notice


10.3 You can delete the app from your mobile device at any time. This will disable your account.


10.4 If your account is terminated you shall:


10.4.1 Within three days you must pay any money that is owed to Oluari and the Transpiration service


10.4.2 you must delete the app from your mobile device


10.5 Under the terms of use Oluari does not have any further obligations to the user.




11.1You are allowing Oluari to access personal information entered in the app




12.1 Any breaches in the Terms of User will be subject to the law of your territory


12.2 All disputes will be under the Arbitration Rules of Singapore International Arbitration Center Rules. These rules will be translated into English as well.




13.1 Oluari is not liable for performance that is outside of their control


13.2 You shall not share any information from Oluari with others or affiliates


13.3The Terms of Use can be modified at any time and as a user of Oluari, you are expected to comply with these terms.


13.4 The rights under these terms do not go above the rights of the law


13.5 All parties agree to these terms and use and will follow the terms.


13.6 You may not subcontract or transfer any information without the written permission of Oluari.


13.7 If any Terms of User need to be changed by law, the other terms of use will continue and this section will be modified.


13.8 A user has no authority to change or enforce these terms.


13.9 Notice to the general public can be found on the app site or may be sent to your email address.




Specific Terms and Conditions Relating to Oluari-GO


Additional Definitions


These are also included in the specific Terms of Use


Oluari-Go is the Transportation Service provided by a four-wheel motorized vehicle that will pick users up and drop them off at their specific location.


Oluari-Go Terms


2.1 Oluari does not guarantee this service will be available in every territory


2.2 This service is not intended for the transportation of goods. There are other services needed for the goods.


2.3 There is no smoking or eating in the vehicle.


2.4 The user is liable for their own safety. If they feel uncomfortable with the driver you need to remind them to be more careful.


2.5 All passengers must wear their seat belts at all times


2.6 The number of passengers cannot exceed the carrying capacity of passengers.


2.7 do not interfere with the driver’s ability to operate the vehicle.


2.8 If you allow someone else to use your account you are responsible for their actions. All minors must be with an adult. You are responsible for providing car seats for infants and smaller children.


2.9 The vehicle may not perfectly match the description.


2.10 The times for pickup and drop off are approximate. If the location you are heading is dangerous than they may drop you off at a nearby location.